DRAM Configuration In jetson Tx2

In the tutorial series on “Jetson security and secure boot”. [Link1]
It was mentioned we can configure DRAM for secure memory which will be used to load TOS.
Is there any document which explain how this can be done?

Link1: https://www.brainshark.com/1/player/en/nvidia?dm=5&pause=1&nrs=1&fb=0&r3f1=ebd1affcf0fda5b7e7bedcadedece1effdbaf4d7ade1e4e7feb6abb5d4f4ededecfafcacbfddf4e4e5efedf6e7aeccafe7f2e7fef4bb&custom=jetson_security_secureboot

We have samples in source code package. Please download it and take a look.