Drive ds18b20 with jetson nano

hi everybody
it hase been mounths that i have tried to drive ds18b20 tempreture sensor with jetson nano 4gb after some research in nvidia forums i findout it will work with customized kernel after kernel customization and recompiling that i have no idea what i gonna do at the next steps .
i found some sample code and modules(library) for python in link bellow:

but i think in this topic authors didn’t talk about jetson nano gpio pin ( jetson nano pin2 is not rx or pin3 tx those are 5v and i2csda)
please help me i’m so confiused .

hello abolfazl.asn.diginext,

are you using 40-pin expansion header?
please see-also this application note for 40-Pin Expansion Header GPIO Usage Considerations.

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