DRIVE OS 5.2.6 NvMediaIEP/NvMediaEncoder deprecated?

DRIVE OS Linux Release Notes state:

Action: NvMedia Video Encode (nvmvid_enc) will be deprecated. Use NvMedia Image Encode (nvmimg_enc) instead.
Impact: APIs will be deprecated. Move to the corresponding NvMediaImage apps.

I’m a bit confused as it also mentions APIs and not only sample applications.
Neither NvMediaIEP nor NvMediaEncoder documentation contain any notes regarding wholesale deprecation.

Does this just pertain to the sample applications?

Dear @raul.tambre,
Does this just pertain to the sample applications?

both APIs and samples will be deprecated.

Which APIs exactly? That’s the part that’s unclear to me.
The release notes don’t mention and the pages for both NvMediaIEP and NvMediaEncoder lack deprecation notices and NvMediaIEP even gained new functions as part of this release.

It gives a heads-up that NvMediaVideoEncoder API used in nvmvid_enc will be deprecated in releases after 5.2.6 (still working in 5.2.6). Thanks.