Drive OS support on single nvidia AGX developer kit


I have AGX developer Kit and D3 Engineering’s 16 camera FPD link board.

I am about to get start with both combined hardware.

I have few quick querries-

  1. Can i use Drive OS / Drive Works on Single AGX kit also with the above mentioned FPD camera link?

  2. Can i use few more SDKs like Deepstream for Video Analytics with both the hardwares?

  3. Is there any sample codes available for quick interfacing of Lidar/Radar with both hardware?

Suggestions will help me to guide in right direction.


No, all DRIVE SW can’t be used on Jetson device.

Should be yes, if any DeepStream question, please open topic at Latest Intelligent Video Analytics/DeepStream SDK topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums

I’m not sure, but supposed no or need to google it.

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