Driver 319.60 on kernel 3.11.0-12: Need help sorting X crash on certain textures.

Hi All,

I “upgraded” to Ubuntu 13.10 from 13.04 and this resulted in IntelliJIDEA crashing X when opening just as a snazzy progressbar was about to be drawn. I have also noticed the Ubuntu One sign-up client thingee crashes X as well.

I guess there is some texture or shading or some effect that these 2 programs were calling that are crashing X.

I had been using the 319.32 driver that is automagically installed by “additional drivers” but tried the 319.60 to see if that helped. I got it to compile by doing the “edit temp files from another virtual terminal” thing and adding “get_” to the num_physpages macro.

X dumps a core which I looked at using gdb but it doesn’t really tell me anything I know what to do with.

So I’m wondering if there is some way (perhaps from the core?) to see if there is some OpenGL extension that can be disabled to allow Intellij to at least run? I’m hosed without it, and backtracking to a lower kernel has been proving difficult to say the least.

It was working with 319.32 + 3.8.0-32. Suggestions?

I have the same issue ¬¬
It seams if I run ubutnu 13.10 on kernel 3.8 and works… thought it still crashes some times ¬¬ is it a kernel bug perhaps?