Driver 470.63.01: nvidia-modeset high CPU load, cannot detect EDID and turns the screen off

Hello everyone,
after having upgraded the driver to version 470.63.01 (actually, version 470.63.01-3 downloaded from rpmfusion) it has become quite impossible to use my Linux box.
It seems the problem is nvidia-modeset which is continuously running with a truly high CPU consumption (it actually takes 100% of the assigned CPU core) and after somewhile it turns the screen off.
The screen turns back on after several seconds (that is, when the CPU load drops) and after sometime (from very few seconds to very few minutes) it turns the screen off again and this goes on over and over, making it impossible to use the computer at all.
Every time the screen is turned off, I get this message in the system log:

nvidia-modeset: WARNING: GPU:0: Unable to read EDID for display device Samsung SA300/SA350 (DVI-D-0)

I can however confirm the EDID is perfectly readable from the monitor by using system tools and the monitor works perfectly when connected to a different computer.
I am trying to fix this since many days now, unfortunately with no avail, including disabling EDID options in X and providing a custom EDID file, which has however been of no help at all to fix this truly and very annoying bug.

For your information, I use Fedora 34 and the NVidia driver is from rpmfusion. As for my graphic card, it is a 4Gb GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, working perfectly and smoothly until I upgraded to driver 470.63.01 and with the very same SW/HW configuration.

Any idea how to fix this or whether it is a bug specific to this driver?

Thank you.

Kindest regards.

This driver version is a nightmare! It is impossible to proficiently use Linux as it keeps on turning the screen off to black and turning it back on after some random time, repeating this TRULY annoying bug all day long and with a very high frequency.
I see no one replied to my message but I saw other users are experiencing similar bugs with their machines. I do not want to switch to nouveau but I am afraid this is something I will do before I have a total nerve breakout!
I tried everything I could, by tweaking both the kernel and Xorg, to no avail. I sincerely hope and wish a new and stable driver to be released very soon. 470.63.01 is a nightmare to work with!