Driver bug - unplayable performance in Sonic Frontiers

For details about the specific compute shader in this game that is slow on NVIDIA see Sonic Frontiers: Generally poor performance. · Issue #3077 · doitsujin/dxvk · GitHub

I consider it unplayable at least, at my native 1440p res it frequently drops to ~20ish FPS (RTX 2080). On AMD the game runs fine under Linux with DXVK (Laptop and Steam Deck).

We have filed a bug 3879314 internally for tracking purpose.
Shall try for local repro which will help in debugging.

@amrits thanks for logging that bug. Can you estimate when we can expect to receive a new driver where this is resolved?

We were able to duplicate issue locally and debugging is in progress.
Shall update once it is root caused.
Thanks for being patient with us.

@amrits Hello, is there any update on the debugging process?

We were able to identify the issue and have the required fix.
Shall update once driver with the fix is released publicly.

@amrits Hello, has the driver update been released already? Or is there an expected release date?

@amrits Any ETA on the release of the driver with the fix? Thanks <3

It’s not released yet, I am checking with the team and will update once it is done.

Please test with driver 535.98 and share test results.

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ive just tested the game for about an hour on Arch Linux, RTX 3080, i7 11700k, 32gb of ram, and can say that i didnt see any graphical glitches anymore, and the performance seems to be “perfect” again. quite similar to windows, if not better.
i already gave the people in the github tracker (Sonic Frontiers (1237320) · Issue #6303 · ValveSoftware/Proton · GitHub) a heads up that it seemingly now works. maybe some others will test it, too.

I tested it with 535.104.05 and also can no longer reproduce the severe performance issues. It runs pretty ok now.

Sometimes performance still drops to 30-40 fps at seemingly random times, so it’s not quite perfect. It recovers just as mysteriously after some time, despite just standing still. That could be a different problem though, maybe with the engine’s frame limiter misbehaving or something. And no, it’s not shader compilation stutter.

Thanks @Tsubajashi @RPGHiro for sharing the test results.
I will go ahead and archive the case internally.