Driver Incompatibility

Just reinstalled Windows 10 and all updates following a drive crash, then newest A6000 drivers, which was working fine with all apps pre-crash with the same driver. Now, Adobe After Effects and Premiere report a “driver incompatibility” and a bug in the latest driver. Any fixes for this? The “linked article” simply tells me to install the latest Nvidia drivers:

NVIDIA has identified a bug in your driver which might cause random crashes in your Adobe application. Please follow the instructions listed in the linked article.

Hello @dhaymil2 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Can you please summarize the driver and version combinations you are seeing the problems with?

I seem to recall that Adobe introduced some features recently that might have broken backwards compatibility.

Did you install the latest driver for A6000, version 528.95?

If that does not work, you could use the “New feature branch” version 531.41 from the Driver Download page

Maybe that helps?

Hello MarkusHoHo Moderator.
Yes, that fixed it. Surprised that you and they are not on the same page - two biggest players in their respective markets. Maybe a little comm. would be in order?
Thanks again

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Well, the only thing I can say is that there is in fact very good communication between NVIDIA and Adobe.

Beyond that, anyone who has worked in Software projects is aware that with the vast amount of different combinations of system components it is near impossible to always test and account for every single eventuality. So occasionally things break.

But hopefully for you this was now the only time!


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