Adobe CC 2014 - Glitching, Crashes, Restarts with CUDA

NVIDIA Support and Engineering,

I just wanted to make sure you are aware of an issue with CUDA on Mac and Adobe CC 2014 products. According to this forum at Adobe:, your engineers are aware and working on this issue.

I would very much like to hear from you directly to confirm that this issue is being worked on, and new drivers are forthcoming.

Thank You!

The issue is being worked on. At this moment, root cause has not been determined; therefore there is presently no timeline for a fix.

If you wish further, personal dialog on the issue, or have further questions that you would like answered, my suggestion is to file a bug at (you will need to be a registered developer and login first.)

Thanks, txbob. Do you work for NVIDIA?

Yes, I do.

Great, thanks! What is your title?

If you desire personalized communication, or need separate confirmation of anything I’ve posted here, please use the bug report system I suggested. Anyone at NVIDIA can identify who txbob is on this message board.

Oh ok, thanks txbob! Just to clarify, you are not an actual employee at NVIDIA?


We are still waiting on fix. Do you have any updates for the pro video community?

Please try the latest 7.0.61 Mac CUDA driver posted today: