CUDA Drivers not loading properly after reboot - Mac

Hey Guys,

I’ve already posted this in the Adobe Forums, but I haven’t made any progress there, so maybe someone here can help.

Mac Pro (2009)

16Gb RAM

OS X 10.6.8

Quadro 4000 - Nvidia & CUDA drivers all current

CUDA driver version: 4.0.31
GPU Drvier version: (256.02.25f01)

I’m having problems with the CUDA drivers staying loaded after a reboot. I can install them and use hardware acceleration, but when I reboot and open a project in Adobe Premiere, it says hardware acceleration is not available and switches to software mode.

The NVIDA CUDA drivers stay loaded in my System Prefs panel, and it even says “No new CUDA drivers available”. It’s just like the CUDA cores are deactivated once I reboot.

If I reninstall them, the hardware acceleration works again until I reboot. Any ideas?

I have attached a screen grab of the Systems Pref Pane that shows the drivers for CUDA and GPU.

CUDA Grab.jpg

JOY! After spending some time on the phone with Adobe tech support, we were able to get to the “root” of the problem. Pun totally intended.

The issue was occuring because, even though I was able to install the CUDA drivers as an administrator using my normal user account, the permissions were not correct. The simple solution was to enable the root user, and then log-in as the root, and install the CUDA drivers from there.

Problem fixed.

I love it when things work!

Thanks for the help guys.

i did this also but am still having kernel panics from my 2 quadro 4000

    Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies):>0x21e7fff