need to remove CUDA Drivers for Mac

How do you uninstall the CUDA Drivers for the Mac? Adobe After Effects and Premiere have been unstable every since they were installed, starting immediately with their installation. The FX4500 had been in place for a week before the drivers were installed with no problems, so I highly doubt it is the card, and nothing else has changed with the system configuration. It was a mistake to install the drivers, as we were under the false assumption that the Quadro FX4500 was a supported CUDA card in AE and PR, but it is not. It “works”, unofficially, but without CUDA support. We didn’t realize that until AFTER the CUDA Drivers were installed. Now nothing works right. Help please. There has to be a way to remove these drivers and get us back to a stable platform. I need specific instructions from the driver team as to how to do this, assuming there isn’t an automated way to do so.