Uninstall CUDA in mac?

Dose anyone knows how can I uninstall this in my iMac 2011 version? I can’t even search any folders or files named CUDA in my mac to delete… That was my mistake to install this with my ATI display card, I just want to use OpenCL now instal of this CUDA, anyone can help?

It’s ridiculous that there’s no uninstaller. This thread has been viewed over 2000 times in a month, so clearly there’s a need.

We’ve got a customer that we’re trying to troubleshoot and we’d like to have an easy way to uninstall.

courtesy of old post from someone at nvidia, this might work:

You will need to remove the following directories:


However, I’m not keen on guiding a Mac consumer digging around in Terminal or relying on info from a 4 year old post.

So the lack of an uninstaller is a real pain in the ass.

Please have a look at


there is a file uninstall

sudo ./uninstall

removing [/usr/local/cuda]
removing [/Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-5.5]
removing [/System/Library/StartupItems/CUDA]

but notice: it will remove “/usr/local/cuda” so first uninstall then install the newer version