Error code 3 subcode 2 open GL

for several weeks every time I use the software of the adobe suite (versione 22.4), in particular premiere pro, the pc freezes and I get an error
“Nvidia openGL driver error code 3 (subcode 2)”,
the problem requires a reboot and it starts to be difficult to work in this way.
I have an nvidia RTX A4000.
I contacted the Dell supplier of my pc who made me do all the diagnostic tests and the pc is fine. I uninstalled all the video card drivers and installed the latest version (512.78) but nothing. How can I solve?
Thank you


Hi @nicoletta.spisso,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. You posted in the Feedback section, and this is not monitored by support staff

I did locate this article that might be helpful. FIX: NVidia driver error code 3 on Windows 10/11 [OpenGL].

I am going to move your topic to our drivers section to give others visibility to your question.

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Hello Nicoletta,

would you mind sharing the rest of your PC specifications? An RTX A4000 needs some rather high-end system overall, so I would like to have a better idea of your setup.

This kind of error in the scenario you described is often related to too much load on the system as a whole and render calls to OpenGL timing out and causing exceptions. One way to try and fix this is to make sure that whenever you are using apps like Adobe suite or Premiere pro your GPU is in no way throttled by Windows.

If you searched for this error you might already know this, but I also suggest to check in the NVIDIA control panel that the Power management mode is set to “Prefer maximum performance”.

Beside that limiting the number of application instances that are utilizing the GPU at the same time might help.

Adobe Suite was discontinued as far as I am aware, so updating to the newest versions of the individual tools or the Creative Cloud versions might resolve this issue.

Maybe this helps already?

Thank you for answering
These are the specs of my PC:

  • Intel (R) Xeon (R) Gold 6248R CPU @ 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz processor
  • 128 GB RAM
  • OS Windows 11 pro
  • RTX A4000 graphics card

I use the Creative Cloud 22.4, I updated it ten days ago, could that have been causing the problem? because before he didn’t.
I usually use one software at a time when I work but the PC freezes and restarts only when I use Premiere Pro. The problem occurs randomly so I can’t figure out what causes it.



Thank you for giving those details.

Well, I don’t think capabilities of your Workstation should be the issue.

Yes, the new version of Premiere could cause this. With dedicated Hardware support in apps like Premiere Pro it occasionally happens that either the GPU driver or the new feature set causes problems. There is always very thorough testing of interoperability during Beta stages of both our drivers and Adobe software, but sometimes bugs get unnoticed because of last minute changes.

So at this stage the best suggestion I can give is to either revert CC to an earlier version, if that is possible, or the NVIDIA driver (You can find older drivers through the Advanced Search). And look out for any new release on either front. Chances are that the issue is fixed with the next versions.

Beside this I would also suggest contacting Adobe support, which you should be able to with an official Adobe CC license. They might have more information on maybe other users having the same issue or that they might already be in contact with NVIDIA directly. That last is something I am not able to check.

Sorry if I cannot be more helpful, I sincerely hope you get your workflow up and running again!

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I also think that the problem is from Adobe, because I am testing the PC with different advanced software, such as Autodesk Maya and software for visual effects and I have never had any problems.
I will contact Adobe to try to resolve the problem.
Thank you very much for your availability and kindness.

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You are welcome!

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