NVIDIA OpenGL Driver Issue, Error Code 3 - NVIDIA GRID K2


we are experiencing the following issue when having opened a cad application (e.g. SolidWorks or Catia) and then producing cpu load by unpacking a large Zip file or even copying a large Zip file
and simultaneously rotating a model in the opened cad application.
The rotation is very sticky and after few seconds the screen is freezing and the following error appears.

NVIDIA OpenGL Driver
Unable to recover from a kernel exception. The application must close
Error code: 3 (subcode 2)

The issue is reproducable and started with upgrade from XenDesktop to version 7.15 CU1 and Nvidia Grid K2 driver to version 367.124/370.21 in February 2018.
But as the issue was happening not frequently (perhaps one time a month) it has not been tracked further. This changed in April 2020. After upgrading to XenDesktop to version 7.15 CU5 and Nvidia Grid K2 driver to 367.134/370.41 the issue got even worse. From since we have experiencing the issue several times a day.

XenDesktop Configuiration:
Windows 7 x64
4 vCPU
VDA 7.15 CU5 (formerly 7.15 CU1)
Nvidia driver 370.41 (formerly 370.21)

XenServer Configuration
XenServer 7.1 CU2 (formerly 7.1)
Nvidia Grid Profile K260Q (issue happening with all profiles)
Nvidia driver 367.134 (formerly 367.124)

The Citrix support has investigated the issue by case number 79895362 and came to conclusion that this is a Nvidia issue. Please see the following section from Citrix log files, provided by Citrix Support:

281739,0,2020/07/31 14:43:21:40207,8656,1792,1,Hd3dProvidersApollo,MontereyD3D9Capture.cpp,47,CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame,14,EntryExit,"CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame: Entry",""
281740,0,2020/07/31 14:43:21:40208,8656,1792,1,Hd3dProvidersApollo,MontereyD3D9Capture.cpp,52,CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame,9,Information,"CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame: Time Spent in Monterey (D3D9) API Capture = 4.66685863197776E+18",""
281741,0,2020/07/31 14:43:21:40211,8656,1792,1,Hd3dProvidersApollo,Hd3dProvidersApollo.cpp,102,ReportMessageHandlerCdf,9,Error,"CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame :: MONTEREY # monitor = 1 # NvFBC NvFBCToDx9VidGrabFrame Failed. error: 0xffffffed",""
281742,0,2020/07/31 14:43:21:40211,8656,1792,1,Hd3dProvidersApollo,Hd3dProvidersApollo.cpp,102,ReportMessageHandlerCdf,9,Error,"CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame :: MONTEREY # monitor = 1 # NvFBC Fall back to GDI.",""
281743,0,2020/07/31 14:43:21:40212,8656,1792,1,Hd3dProvidersApollo,MontereyD3D9Capture.cpp,146,CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame,14,EntryExit,"CMontereyD3D9Capture::CaptureFrame: Exit (bRetVal = 0)",""
281744,0,2020/07/31 14:43:21:40212,8656,1792,1,Hd3dProvidersApollo,ScraperThread.cpp,1925,ScraperThread::ThreadMain,9,Error,"ScraperThread::ThreadMain: NVIDIA NVFBC capture failed and fall back to GDIScraper.",""

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
Frank Wagner