[b]Erro OpenGL Code: 3[/b]

                                  [b]Erro OpenGL  Code: 3[/b]

I have a bug in any program or game / Error Code: 3
The NVIDIA OpenGL Driver Detected a problem with the display driver and is
Unable to continue. The Application must close.

i got the same stuff man, i have NO more ideas to fix it, i tried like, EVERYSINGLETHING !!! nvidia pls HALP!!!1

That error is raised because of a kernel mode exception inside the display driver.
This normally happens when some bad data arrives at the kernel mode driver which cannot be executed on the hardware and forces the driver to stop.

This could be anything from an application to display driver software bug or defective system hardware.

If you overclocked anything in your system, set it back to the standard clocks and try again.

If that doesn’t solve it, see if different display driver version show the same error.
You can find all available display driver for your board here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us

If neither helps, it could still be defective hardware.
The first thing to check would be the host memory. Run a host memory test application and see if that indicates some defective RAM module. Exchange the faulty RAM modules and try again.

If that doesn’t indicate an error, the next check would be to try a different graphics board of the same kind you have installed. Though if your user name indicates you see this problem on a GeForce GT9800, that product is from 2008 and I doubt that’s still available eight years later.

I’d recommend to let someone with more recent hardware try your application and if that works, think about a system upgrade to some more recent hardware.