Driver Not Supported

I am running through this problem for last 8 days in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (64bit). I am unable to run my driver bcz every time it says Not Supported. All the details is mentioned in picture .plz help me

There’s no problem, you’re just misinterpreting the output.
Listing running processes on your gpu is ‘not supported’, not all gpu models have that feature.
The fact that nvidia-smi outputs something already shows that the driver is installed fine and working.

What does it mean that process not supported?

listing processes is not supported. Means nothing for normal operations, is just a diagnostic feature.

then how to make all process to show in listing process whenever i command for nvidia-smi

Buy a different notebook with a better gpu. Not supported on your low-end gt920.

Thank you so much sir/mam. Now I have a last question can You please suggest me which CUDA version would be best for my Gt 920 so that i could get maximum speed for programming

Just use cuda 10.2.
Don’t install ‘cuda’ but