Drivers newer than 470.63 fail to work with RTX3060Ti

nvidia-smi fails with No device found and ‘nvrm RmInitAdapter failed!’ in dmesg

Tested with ubuntu (with 470.103, and 510 drivers) and gentoo (470.63, 470.103, 510 drivers). From all combinations of kernel and driver versions only driver 470.63 works.

nvidia-bug-report from gentoo with 510 and ubuntu with 470.103 attached.

What could cause such errors and how to fix them?

nvidia-bug-report-gentoo-510.log.gz (136.5 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-ubuntu-470.log.gz (240.4 KB)

It’s a driver bug, happening on some intel platforms and oddly on esxi vms. Nothing to do but wait for Nvidia to fix it.

I have filed a bug 3581599 internally for tracking purpose.
However, in order to understand the problem and analyze it further, please help to provide acpidump data.
Also confirm if system has physical battery or not and also share the picture of system.

System is Nuvo-8108Gv from Neousys | OMTEC: Industrial PC Solutions

acpidump.log (1.1 MB)

Thanks for providing the information, can you please extract data using below steps -

  1. acpidump > acpi.out
  2. acpixtract -a acpi.out
  3. iasl -d *.dat
  4. iasl -d ssdt*.dat - This will convert .dat files into .dsl files which is human readable
  5. zip *.dsl - Please share this zip file with us.

Also, if possible, do you know if it works for Windows OS. (125.2 KB)

I’ll try to check with windows