Drivework0.6 Installation failed after Drivework1.2 appeared (Solved)

when reinstalling drivework0.6 using comand “./” as ususl, I got several error as “Error: Component is missing” during downloading.
Then I checked the log file “JetPack.log”, it descripted as below “E: Failure when receiving data from the peer”.

This problem has only recently happened.
Then I check for, found a new version Drivework1.2 came.

Is there anyway to get drivework0.6 reinstalled?

Thank you very much!

Dear Zhanglikai,
The old packages are archieved at Could you move to our latest PDK if possible.

In consideratin of that Autoware support drivework0.6 only, we would prefer to reinstall driework0.6 for the present.

I’ve checked but only found the same scipt “” as mine own which updated on 04/02/18. The same problem persists.

Would you help to sovled the problem of missing files, while running “”?

Dear zhanglikai,
It could be becuase of network firewall/proxy issues. Please check threads and