missing driveworks in

Hi there,

I’ve reflash the AGX with 0S, but found there’s no libdrivework.so in root directory. Should I install dw manually?


Dear j5207,
Driveworks is part of DriveSW not DriveOS. If you just flash Drive OS 5.1.6, you will not get Driveworks


Thanks for response. Is this means the previous installed DriveSW was override? Is so, is this possible to install the rest part of DriveSW manally?

I guess related question.
We were given an early access to SDK but when we installed it using sdkmanager we do not see /usr/local/driveworks anymore. Does it mean that driveworks is not available still? Will it be available soon?

Dear mikelb2k0,
You might have gotten early access to Drive OS which don’t have Driveworks. DW is part of DriveSW. We will let you know the DriveSW release is scheduled.

What is approximate time frame?
We need to use a new camera and we have to decide about our plan asap.

It is by End of this month.

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

I would like to double check to make sure I understand the issue.

According to you above comments, it seems the compatible version of DriveWorks for DriveOS is not available yet, even after DriveOS is available now?

And you said the compatible version of DriveWorks for DriveOS will be available by end of this month? If so, is there a way to get us notified when it is released?

Also, what is the release plan of DriverWorks for DriveOS


Please wait for our announcement, or can contact with our region NVIDIA representative to get the status.