DriveWorks is missing on DRIVE Software 8.0


I have just flashed AGX Xavier (E3550) with DRIVE Software 8.0 using sdkmanager-, but I couldn’t find DriveWorks installation directory on any of the Tegras. How can I install DriveWorks?

Best regards,

Dear Andrey,
If you flash the board successfully, you can notice at /usr/local/ folder. Did you notice any error while flashing the board.

Hi, SivaRamaKrishna.

The flashing finished flawlessly.

Later I flashed Tegra A one more time, and after that DriveWorks was found on at /usr/local/driveworks. It seems, that the only difference was the presence of an Internet connection on the target during flashing. My speculation is that the target needs Internet to install external dependencies on the first boot, otherwise some of the Drive packages won’t be installed. Though no notifications were displayed. Could it be the case? I haven’t tried to reflesh Tegra B, yet.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the log of the first flashing attempt, so it won’t be possible to check it.

The DRIVE board needs an internet connection, that’s right.

During first boot several packages will be downloaded.