Problems updating SDKs

Our brand-new Drive PX 2 had quite old development libraries (DriveWorks was of version 0.3), so I’ve decided to update. Running DriveInstall (full install, but without flashing) went normally, at least according to the logs on the host machine. In practice though, DriveWorks hasn’t been updated, and I’ve noticed the following:

  • some of nv-run-once* scripts in /etc/init.d on the target refer to directories that don’t exist
  • these directories do exist on the host machine in Drive/5050aL_SDK/DriveSDK/drive-t186ref-linux/targetfs/root/apt-repos

In other words, it looks like not all of the packages have been copied to the target, therefore some of the installation scripts failed.

Question #1: Taking into account that it’s an absolutely new, out-of-the-box Drive PX and the installer is the most recent available, what could be the reason the installation went wrong?

I’ve copied the missing .deb files manually and managed to install the rest of the libraries. I’ve also downloaded the JetPack to grab the recent VisionWorks packages - a bit strange but seemingly the official way to get this SDK. The only problem remains is NvMedia - the updated DriveWorks refers to several new files (e.g. nvmedia_core.h) that aren’t present in the system, and I couldn’t find the way to install the new API implementation.

Question #2: How to get the package that provides the new NvMedia API?

Dear aleksandr.gorlin,

AFAIK, NVIDIA provides cross-compile environment to build DW.
So the updated DriveWorks refers to several new files (e.g. nvmedia_core.h) exist on the host machine in Drive/5050aL_SDK/DriveSDK/drive-t186ref-linux

Thank you, SteveNV. I’ve found and copied the .h/.so files to Drive PX and, although it’s rather dubious method of installation, at least I have a usable NvMedia implementation on the device.

Nevertheless, the first question remains open, so if you have any ideas on what makes DriveInstall misbehave and how to fix it, please share.

Resolved here: