DriveWorks_Cuda troubles


I am starting to use the DriveWorks suit provided with the Nvidia DrivePlatform, and in this context, trying to run each provided samples.
Sadly I got big troubles when it comes to run every vision-based samples (reading video .h264 files mostly), throwing DW_CUDA exceptions (of many kinds), over those samples:

  • Vision processing samples
  • Image processing samples
  • DNN/Detection samples

I use CUDA 9.0, and a NVIDIA 390.59 GPU driver (GeForce 570) on ubuntu 16.04.
I succesfully tested CUDA samples (deviceQuery and BandwidthTest).

Please see the provided screenshots for error details. Hoping somebody have an idea of the source of those problems, or at least a track.

Thank you.

Apparently come from the fact that my GPU card is too old (fermi serie, at least maxwell required).

Dear bcollado-bougeard,

Yes, the issue comes from the GPU card which is too old.
Please refer to below “Basic HW Requirements” page 6 in NVIDIA_DriveWorks_DevGuide.pdf.

Basic Hardware Requirements
The DriveWorks SDK is distributed as a compressed file (DEB) and has specific hardware and software
Platform Prerequisites
On the hardware side, you will need one of the following:
PC (x86 architecture) with a NVIDIA GPU (Maxwell based GPU minimum, Pascal based GPU recommended)
• NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 with the latest SDK flashed in the system.
Host System Prerequisites
• Linux Desktop or Linux x86/x64 Only
These are the basic prerequisites for Linux. For the version information for each software component, see the
Release Notes.
• Ubuntu Linux 16.04 or 14.04 (out of the box installation)
• GCC >= 4.8.X && GCC <= 4.9.x
• cmake version >= 3.3