Driving live audio stream from virtual audio cables or Dante via?


I’ve been having some issues setting the audio input inside audio2face to one of either Virtual Audio Cables this version, in case there is any confusion or Dante Via.

In both instances I’m looking to have audio coming from a Max patch that is being directed into either VAC or Dante VIA and then being consumed as live audio by audio2face (thus driving the facial model).

Dante VIA does not seem to work at all (Omniverse is not shown as an input device within Dante Via). VAC works sometimes.

VAC does appear in the list as an input on the audio preferences drop down within A2F, but selecting it and hitting apply only works very, very, very occasionally. Most of the time when you hit apply it just stays on the default audio input (an external microphone). Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to apply no matter how many times I hit the button (and it is sometimes hundreds of times in an attempt to get it working).

Is this a known bug? Am I doing something incredibly wrong? What I can provide you to assist in helping me get this working?