Audio2Face Audio Device Not Changing


For some reason, when I try to change the audio input in the preference settings, the audio input that the live mode detects remains the same. The audio input is always configured with the default system input. For example, if my default system input is the Headphone Microphone, when I launch Audio2Face, the live mode will have input from the Headphone Microphone. However, when I change the preference for it to take the Virtual Audio Cable, the audio input to the live mode still only take input from the Headphone Microphone. The same thing occurs if I have Virtual Audio Cable as the default and am trying to change it to the Headphone Microphone.

I am using Audio2Face 2022.2.1.

How can I fix this problem?


Thanks for sharing this @tsc003 We’re going to investigate this.

Here’s a response from our engineering team:

The audio device is hardcoded to be the default device and is assigned at this step:

self._audio_player = a2f_audio.AudioPlayer(
   verbose=True, latency=latency, blocks_per_sec=240, is_dummy=is_dummy)
default_device = self._sounddevice.query_devices(None, "output")["name"] 
safe_print(f"[Audio Player] Using default output device: {default_device}")
self._stream = self._sounddevice.OutputStream(...) 

So you should either restart the app or create the player again, which I believe should happen if you just reload the scene.