DSI bring-up for jetson nano based custom device

Hi team,

I am currently working on jetson Nano SoM based custom device. Here I have to bring-up the DSI display. We are connecting TFT-Display_with_Touchscreen_SKU_DFR0550 DSI display with DSI lines coming from nano som. For that, I made below changes in device tree.
file.patch (1.9 KB)

Also I am attaching dmesg logs here for the reference. Can you please help me to resolve this issue?
dmesg.txt (60.9 KB)


You don’t need this.


Also, is this the pclk you want to use? Our DSI driver does not support to read mode from panel, thus, you need to give the mode manually.

[ 1.488035] tegradc tegradc.1: nominal-pclk:74880000 parent:74879589 div:1.0 pclk:74879589 74131200~81619200


for now, we are not using read mode from panel.
As per this thread( How to enable MIPI DSI display? - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums) looks like, the Issue is in init sequene of dsi display. can you suggest any other MIPI 2 dsi display that is compatible with our nano SOM which is successfully validated with nano.


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