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I am working on adapting our radar system processing from traditional DSP-based systems to leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs, specifically using the Jetson AGX Orin kit. I would appreciate any insights or advice on best practices for such a transition.

Could anyone share their experiences or challenges faced in similar adaptations? What strategies were effective in integrating GPU capabilities into systems traditionally handled by DSPs? Any advice on optimizing radar data processing using NVIDIA GPUs would be greatly valuable.

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By default we don’t have demonstration for this use-case. It would need other users to share experience. Probably a possible solution is to implement CUDA code for the DSP.

The latest Jetpack release is 5.1.3. If you have AGX Orin developer kit, you may flash it to the latest version and try CUDA programming.

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thank you very much for your attention. Where can I find out about other users’ experiences? Do you have such a feedback form in your archive?
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in my device latest version seems like 6.0, so can I use also this ?

Since there is no existing implementation, you would need to develop it through CUDA.

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