Dual TX2 interconnect options.

We are looking to incorporate two off TX2 slots in a board that we are designing. We are going to connect the two units over gigabit Ethernet but we are also considering connection over PCIe. A quick look on the topic suggests that a non transparent PCI bridge device is required in order to connect the two TX2s over PCIe.
Has anyone implemented such a scheme and if so could you point me in the right direction.

Offhand, I recall hearing of one such developer who had gotten PCIe non-transparent bridging working between Jetsons. They were using a switch from PLX (now Broadcom), which are generally well-regarded. The PEX 8714 supports NT bridging and is their smallest still actively available that should suffice. You should also be able to get a Rapid Development Kit (RDK) from them to test it out via cabled ePCIe (external PCIe) adapters before laying down the board.

Thanks for that.
Are there any reference designs for a dual slot TX2 carrier board that you could share? I’m particularly interested in any special power sequencing requirements between the two slots and any other handshaking requirements that might be required.

Not an open reference design persay, but Auvidea from the Ecosystem has their dual J200 carrier (uses ethernet as interconnect, not PCIe).
You may also be interested to chat with ConnectTech about the design as I have talked with them before about doing it.

Hello again,
I want to verify that the PCIe reference clocks can be set to non SSC mode. I did see such a setting in the reference manual (EN_SSC= 0 disabled SSC mode) but I just want to confirm that this ca be done foe the PCI reference clock.
Thanks, JB,