Duplicate CUDA installs, pointing to wrong installation


I’m on OS X 10.11.4, and got two folders in /Developer/NVIDIA, with different versions:
/Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-7.5/bin/nvcc --version -> 7.5.19
/Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-7.0/bin/nvcc --version -> 7.0.27

and none of these match the version listed in the system preferences control panel: CUDA Driver Version: 7.5.26 . Do I have three installs?

/usr/local/cuda seems to link to the 7.5 directory.

What do I do? I’d like to remove all old installs, keep the newest one and have that linked to any environment I use (e.g. Theano). (which is currently using the 7.0 directory for some reason…)

Thank you!

Driver and toolkits are two different things, I’m guessing you have two toolkits and one driver (.26)