"Duplicated CUDA context" error in Optix300B1


I have updated my Optix version from 250 to 300B1 recently and am getting a “Invalid context (Details: Function “_rtContextCompile” caught exception: Validation error: Duplicated CUDA context: Existing CUcontext cuda_dev:0/optix_dev:0 is replaced by cuda_dev:0/optix_dev:0, [3801267])” from ContextObj::compile().
There are two active contexts at one time in this execution. There is no error if I rebuild with Optix250.

Is there any workaround for this ?

My environment is
driver 301.42
Quadro 4000
Optix 3.0.0B1
CUDA 3.2
VisualStudio 2008


This is fixed in the upcoming OptiX 3.0 release, which should be available in a few days.

Thank you!