DW_NOT_AVAILABLE The requested streamer type is not available

we’re running into an issue whilst porting OS8 code to OS10

on the line “CHECK_DW_ERROR(dwImageStreamer_initialize(…))” with all parameters filled in, we get the error
“DW_NOT_AVAILABLE: The requested streamer type is not available”

Past threads from other users who had this issue did not supply solutions that worked for us.

Dear Rschiltkamp,
what is the producer and consumer in your case? Could you revisit the Image Streamer sample in DRIVE SW 10.0?

Dear Rschiltkamp,
Could you provide any update on the issue?

We’ve not been able to fix it according to the image streamer sample, but due to time issues we have resorted to a different solution where the code for OS8 was no longer fully used, solving this

Thanks for the help anyways!