Dynamixel pro plus with nvidia jetson agx xavier

Hello … I have tested dynamixel AX-12 with jetson nano …now for my system I need higher performance so ,

What will be steps to connect Dynamixel pro plus with agx xavier…? Has anyone done it before?

What’s dynamixel AX-12?

Dynamixel ax-12A is smallest version in dynamixel actuator series…

Dynamixel is a product range from Robotis - servo motors for robots etc. Very powerful and de facto standard for robot applications, but also very expensive…


Did you have problem for the HW connection or any software question?

Actually both …I want know their compatibility with each other, as they both are pretty expensive so before buying I want know everything about it .

If we search about nano with ax12-a there are different approaches are available on net, for same I didn’t find any about pro plus with AGX Xavier so if someone find kindly share link …that would be grt help…

So what will be further steps or commands after installing jetpack and dynamixel SDK ,to communicate this servo…?

From below link it should be able to support it but you may need HW rework to connect to AXG.