Efficientnet-b5 in TAO Toolkit?


Hi, last month I swear I saw some information about including b5 in TAO Toolkit, do you know where it will be included?


This looks like TAO related, We are moving this post to TAO forum to get better help.

Thank you.

No, Efficientnet-b5 is not supported in TAO Toolkit.

Thank you, but I though you will release some kind of support for the new TAO Toolkit version, the one that came out recently. I don’t know if the info was wrong, could you confirm that is not available in the latest version please?

In latest TAO 3.21.11 version, it is not supported.

Ok thank you, but I was looking at the webpage and I saw this:

from this link: [TAO Toolkit | NVIDIA Developer]

in the section achieve state of the art accuracy using model architectures,

does not mean is there some kind of support?

After checking, the Efficientnet-b5 can be supported in classification network. The pretrained model is in TAO Pretrained EfficientDet | NVIDIA NGC

Sorry for the confusion. I will modify my comment previously.

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