Embedded OS Alternative to L4T

Hi everybody,

I am looking to install a more lightweight alternative to L4T on the Jetson AGX Xavier. Generally, I would like to build an embedded Linux alternative using Yocto or Buildroot. I have been able to find some guides on working with Yocto on the Jetson devices (ex. https://www.konsulko.com/building-a-custom-linux-distribution-for-nvidia-cuda-enabled-embedded-devices/), but I would prefer to work with Buildroot over Yocto if possible. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a root filesystem for the Jetson using Buildroot, and if so, any guides would be appreciated.


Hi @john.mcinnis,

I understand that you prefer using Buildroot over Yocto. But here you can find an alternative guide for using Yocto on Jetson devices https://developer.ridgerun.com/wiki/index.php?title=Yocto_Support_for_NVIDIA_Jetson_Platforms
It is a good starting point if you want a customizable Embedded OS for the Jetson Family.

Here at RidgeRun we understand the importance of good guides and documented steps, which meta-tegra lacks a lot. We have been validating and will be contributing to the community meta-tegra. We also provide professional support if needed.



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