Tailored Yocto distribution with L4T drivers

I am developing an application which requires high CPU/GPU usage due to post processing and soft real time performance on Jetson. The board doesn’t need that heavy Gnome and lots of packages from Ubuntu. The application starts just after booting the kernel and some few services.

Honestly… L4T is not the best distro for me, but I really like L4T’s packages support (cuda, opencv, opengl…) I have worked before with Yocto, and I like it because I can create the simplest distro with just the packages I need. Are there any available yocto meta layers to build a “Jetson-Yocto-BSP”?

Has anybody tried using Yocto for Jetson integrating L4T drivers?

Thank you!

I don’t remember seeing any comments about Yocto but I think people have used the L4T binaries with e.g. Arch and Debian.

Building a distro with Yocto using the L4T binaries shouldn’t be a problem. It might make sense to pick library (libc etc.) versions that matches Ubuntu 14.04 to avoid any surprises though.