[Attn. NVIDIA] Yocto Support for the Jetson Boards Please!!

In case NVIDIA is waiting for the right amount of interests I would like to throw my hand up in the interest of a supported Yocto layer BSP (Board Support Package) for the TX1/TX2. I’m new to this area but customizing a Linux Image to run on a aarch64/arm64 architecture at my place of work would be a perk. To me this would open up a few more opportunities to what the Jetson boards could be used for including a RTOS build.

I see there are already some Yocto projects out there but they are not complete nor stable with very little documentation. Anyways just wanted to say that my hand is up for this feature. Really looking forward to using Yocto in building custom images for my Jetson if possible. Would you be so kind in letting me know if any support/interest has been discussed in providing this?

Yocto had been run before on TX1, see it under http://elinux.org/Jetson_TX1#Linux_Distributions

NVIDIA plans to keep Ubuntu as the official reference sample root filesystem, however others can port it to other distributions.