Embedded Switch Documentation

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Where can I find documentation on the eSwitch ? Such as programing the eSwitch ? While going through the DOCA SDK docs, I see all of the offload only mentioned when configuring something on the OVS. The doc also mentioned that “Offloading rules can also be added directly, and not just through OVS, using the tc utility. To enable TC ingress on all the representors (i.e. uplink, PF, and VF)”, so is the Linux Kernel the “embedded switch” ?

When configuring a flow rule in the OVS in offload mode. Does that automatically create corresponding iptable rule?

I just need some clarification on exactly what this eSwitch is. So far it sounds just like Kernel Networking

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I have same question!

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Historically, the eSwitch (part of the connectx subsystem) wasn’t really “programmable”, and that’s exactly what DOCA is positioned to help do (albiet at an abstraction layer). The way that you would “program” the eswitch was a bit indirectly by using ASAP^2, which accelerates OVS and other kernel networking constructs.

DOCA Flow is intended to be the API that would most closely map to programming the eSwitch.

Hope this helps