Relationship between OVS offloading and FDB

Hello, I am using the ConnectX-5 & ConnectX-6 interface.
I am testing the OVS offloading function in many ways.

Today’s inquiry is about the relationship between FDB and OVS offloading.

If FDB learning is not possible, it seems that OVS offloading is not possible.
If I specify the output port directly in OVS, (ex. actions=output:“enp1_pf0vf0”) FDB learning is not performed, so it seems that OVS offloading is not performed.

Could you check if the OVS offloading function is working normally only when FDB is being learned?

What deployment, solution or use case are you referring to when it comes to our MLNX_OFED driver and/or our HCA/FW?
Your post is not clearly defined for a straight answer.
(IE: OVS Offload Using ASAP2 Direct/OVS-DPDK Offload).

(Accelerated Switch and Packet Processing)
ASAP2 technology enables packet processing operations to be offloaded from OVS to the hardware of ConnectX eSwitch (OVS forwarding rules to the eSwitch.)
ASAP2 enables the option of adding rules and changing the source/destination IP – which allows the creation of a net/firewall.

I am not sure if you had a chance to review our different community articles for these solutions above which might be useful for initial deployment, testing & debugging purposes.

Hi, spruitt.

I am using ASAP2 direct OVS offload.
Does the “OVS forwarding rule” you mentioned mean OVS FDB?

What I want to know is if OVS offload is not possible in a situation where rules are not added to OVS FDB.