eMMC boot in Jetson Orin Nano

We want to boot from eMMC in Jetson Orin Nano.
We will design a carrier board for Orin Nano and place another eMMC IC on this carrier board. We are planning to switch boot order between eMMC and SD card.
How can we do this?
Is there any example or can I use any pin to connect eMMC?


It is not possible to work because there is totally no sdmmc/sdio pin that could be used on Orin nano…

We notice that there are sdmmc pins on Orin nano sodimm connector. These pins are connected to m.2 connector which we won’t be using. Can we use these pins for connecting to eMMC?

( P3768_A04_concept_schematic page 5)

These pins are actually PCIe function in the SoC. The pin name is just to match xavier nx carrier board.

Orin Nano/NX modules don’t have any EMMC/SD signals on the module connector.

The only way to boot from EMMC is via an USB bridge like Microchip USB2642. This bridge chip supports EMMC with all 8 data lines. For the module the EMMC looks like an USB 2.0 Stick through the bridge.

But there’s space prepared for emmc on Orin Nano:
Please add emmc to have a compatible upgrade path when Jetson Nano reaches EOL.

Thank you and best regards.

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I can deliver this message to internal. But please understand that such support is not something I could gurantee.

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