Empty NVIDIA Control Panel (server with Quadro cards and no screens connected)

I am having problems with the latest Windows drivers for Quadro boards.

I have servers with Quadro P2000, P6000, M4000 and K6000 boards (no screens connected). For configuration purposes I access it from VNC to associate an EDID and simulate screens.

Recently, the NVIDIA configuration menu is almost empty (just the 3D vision and workstation tab). The only way to get the complete interface and go to the computer room and connect a screen to the servers.This is not very effective with the number of servers.

Could you show me how to associate an EDID without having to connect a screen ?
If not, do you have a recent version of the Quadro drivers with a full interface?


NVWMI is probably a better way to fake EDID from a remote machine.

This approach would be to use the “nvwmi” API that is installed by default with the driver. This API is usable with CPP, CSharp and PowerShell.
The NVWMNI API reference document is here:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\ NVIDIA WMI Provider\nvwmi.chm

There are example PowerShell scripts that can be found in:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA WMI\Samples
Look at fakeEDID.ps1 for an example of assigning an EDID on a (remote or local) machine.
There is a var for $computer = “localhost” where localhost can be replaced with an IP ADDR
Assuming an EDID.txt has been created in the correct path.

Also, CPP and CSharp examples in:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\ NVIDIA WMI Provider\Samples\CPP
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\ NVIDIA WMI Provider\Samples\CSharp

Ryan Park

I didn’t know NVWMI. At the first reading of the documentation, I see that NVWMI will solve me a lot of problems I encounter with Windows systems.