How to determine if EDID is "fake" or not?

Using the NVAPI or NVWMI, is there any way to determine if a display’s EDID is from a file?

I can check if a display is physically connected, but I need to know if the EDID returned by NvAPI_GPU_GetEDID is “fake” or not. In the NV Control Panel I can see if the EDID status is “Not connected”, “Monitor”, or “File”, but I do not see this same information exposed in the NVAPI or NVWMI. What am I missing?

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Hello @daniel.m

Our team has informed that currently there is no support available in NVAPI SDK to check if EDID is fake. We have noted your request, and the support for this will be added in future SDK releases.

Thank you.
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this is much needed as this has been causing issues with quadro cards for over 1.5 years now but no one on the engineering team has been listening!