Automatically Unload EDID

Hey everyone,

Below are some environmental factors:

  • Teradici Software (Allows a user to remotely connect over IP to their workstation)
  • NVidia Quadro RTX 5000

We’re noticing that the Teradici software we are using will grab ahold of the EDID Profile when a user connects to their workstation remotely, which seems to force all the users monitor to a black screen locally. The problem with this is that they can work remotely but when they come back into the office, we have to unload the EDID profile in order to return functionality to their monitors.

I’ve been reading through the NVWMI to see if we can automate the unloading of the EDID but I’m only seeing options to SetEDID or FakeEDID and such. Do we have any options to unload the EDID via a command or application of sorts by chance?