Nvidea Control Center: script for export and load EDID

in the Nvidea Control Center there is the possibility to read the EDID, save it as a file and then load it again.
We are looking for a way to automate this with a script.
Is it possible to skript this?

Windows 7 64 bit
Nvidia P1000 (Ver 385.69 API 11 functionlevel 11_1)

Thanks alot.


Hi HolgerB,

You can use NVWMI to do automate that process - https://developer.nvidia.com/nvwmi-sdk

As part of the SDK samples there is a powershell script setEDID.ps1 that will perform that process for you.


Ryan Park

Hi Ryan Park,

I have successfully used the setEDID.ps1 script from the SDK sample, but the nVidia control panel doesn’t report the change to the EDID ( stills shows as set from monitor ) in the system topology window.
A reboot does correct that.

Is there anyway to force a refresh ( refresh option in the nvidia control panel doesn’t help ). to reflect the newly loaded Edid’s in the nvidia control panel UI ?

Windows 10x64 Pro Build 17763 / 1809
4x P4000 Quadro driver v4.11.95