Hello Nvidia Forum

Here the same problem. The Return value is always FALSE.

Many thanks for any hints

HW Configuration:
1x Quadro P5000 with
Port 1: VGA Monitor using DP-VGA Adapter
Port 2: DVI Monitor uding DP-DVI Adapter

SW Configuration (using ‘wmic /namespace:nv path system call info’):
NVIDIA display driver version: 385.41
NVIDIA WMI provider version: 2.30.0

  1. Store actual (VGA) EDID as “D:\MyVgaEDID.bin” using “NVIDIA Control Panel”

  2. Load EDID for specific Port
    #> wmic /namespace:nv path GPU WHERE id=1 CALL fakeEDIDOnPort filePath=“D:\MyVgaEDID.bin” output=1 portIndex=1

Executing (\MyComputername\root\cimv2\,uname=“Quadro P5000”)->fakeEDIDOnPort()
Method execution successful.
Out Parameters:
instance of __PARAMETERS
ReturnValue = FALSE;


The output parameter is the output type. You are attempting to use output=1 which is VGA but the P5000 has no native VGA output – hence the command correctly fails.

The DP-VGA adaptor will be an active adaptor – i.e. the adapter coverts out Display port output from native DP to VGA hence the output type for this case will “DP” or “7”.

Similarly for DP to DVI adaptor the output type will depend on the adaptor type. If the adaptor is active the output will be “DP” or “7”; if it is passive the output will be “DVI” or “5”

Finally as a hint there are 5 physical ports on the P5000 – DVI, DP, DP, DP, DP. It is good to check that portIndex=1 – is the first DP port – it may refer to the DVI port.

Ryan Park