Emulating CUDA In Visual Studio 2010

Hi there

I’m new to CUDA. At my University I’m working with a NVIDIA Tesla C2050 (using Linux).
But i would like to learn CUDA C at home using Visual Studio 2010 (running on Windows 7 x64)
but WITHOUT a NVIDA graphics card (i’m using at home a ATI radeon).

Is it possible to emulate CUDA?
I installed the latest CUDA Toolkit and SDK but when I try to build the Customization, I can’t find the neccesary “props” and “target”-files.

I would be very gratefull for any help
Greetings from Germany

Device emulation was removed during the CUDA 3 release cycle. The best alternative is something like Ocelot, but I don’t think that currently builds with Windows.

thank you.

so, it would be possible to emulate with an older version?

CUDA 3.0 was the last version that contained emulation IIRC. I am not sure whether it can be made to work with VS2010 or not (not a Windows person, sorry).

Hey Stef-Ger

You could try to use ssh to connect to your university computer, maybe with the help of your school’s VPN. That way you can compile your code on your university machine and at the same time have the C2050 at your command.

Or you could just spend a few hundred dollars to get a CUDA-capable notebook(netbook?).

If none of the two options are good enough for you, then perhaps you’ll have to get the toolkit 3.0 and go back to VS2008 or VS2005. But I think the best way is to go without VS. VS makes a lot things feel heavier.