Enable 1-Wire on Jetson Orin DevKit


I want to connect a DS18B20 sensor to Nvidia Jetson Orin DevKit and reads its temperature.
So I enabled the fields in the configuration


and I built and flashed the kernel image.

Then I tried to use w1-gpio-cl ** based on the answer 1-wire DS18B20 Thermometer on Jetson Xavier AGX - #3 by villy21 but it don’t work on any GPIO pin.

What GPIO pin can be used for this or how can I make 1-Wire communication work?

I only tested on the AGX Xavier. So I don’t know about Orin.

When I tested, I connected an oscilloscope to the pin and checked if the voltage changed.

We don’t have experience on this application, but if it’s really the case that it only supports AON GPIO pins as villy21 mentioned, you have to be careful about pins you use.
For example, these are the AON GPIO pins on AGX Orin:

gpiochip1: GPIOs 316-347, parent: platform/c2f0000.gpio, tegra234-gpio-aon:
 gpio-316 (PAA.00              )
 gpio-317 (PAA.01              )
 gpio-318 (PAA.02              )
 gpio-319 (PAA.03              )
 gpio-320 (PAA.04              )
 gpio-321 (PAA.05              )
 gpio-322 (PAA.06              )
 gpio-323 (PAA.07              )
 gpio-324 (PBB.00              )
 gpio-325 (PBB.01              )
 gpio-326 (PBB.02              )
 gpio-327 (PBB.03              )
 gpio-328 (PCC.00              )
 gpio-329 (PCC.01              )
 gpio-330 (PCC.02              |fixed-regulators:reg) out lo 
 gpio-331 (PCC.03              )
 gpio-332 (PCC.04              )
 gpio-333 (PCC.05              )
 gpio-334 (PCC.06              )
 gpio-335 (PCC.07              )
 gpio-336 (PDD.00              )
 gpio-337 (PDD.01              )
 gpio-338 (PDD.02              )
 gpio-339 (PEE.00              )
 gpio-340 (PEE.01              )
 gpio-341 (PEE.02              )
 gpio-342 (PEE.03              )
 gpio-343 (PEE.04              |power-key           ) in  hi IRQ ACTIVE LOW
 gpio-344 (PEE.05              )
 gpio-345 (PEE.06              )
 gpio-346 (PEE.07              )
 gpio-347 (PGG.00              )

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