Enable SEI NAL in V4L2 encoder for H264

Hi all,

I am using JetPack 3.0 on TX2 board and running an example called 01_video_encode that uses the V4L2 encoder for H264/H265, the example is working well, however, the video output for H264 does not include SEI (Supplemental Enhancement Information) unit with default parameters. I checked the V4L2 Encoder Documentation and I did not see anything related that can enable SEI NAL unit.

Does anyone know if it is possible to enable SEI unit on V4l2 encoder or if modifying other parameters that can enable SEI units indirectly?

Hi bill,
SEI is for putting user data and you need to insert it into h264 stream your self.

Hi DaneLLL,

In case anybody is taking votes on these things, I would also like to voice my support for being able to have the encoder insert SEI information automatically, given a user buffer.


Chris Richardson

Been wondering about this myself and I agree with Chris, would be awesome with a user buffer to insert it.

It can be implemented in application. Please refer to source code of ffmpeg and JM decoder.