User metadata on Jetson V4l2 H265 encoder

Hi, we would like help adding user metadata to an H265 stream, with custom fields depending on our project’s needs

we found both input and output “metadata” fields in the 01_video_encode sample app, but they seem to be constant structures of data related to the encoding process with no way to add custom fields

we are using the mmapi V4l2 encoder which writes the video to a FIFO which is then picked up by gstreamer for sending to a PC. that PC will both display the video and pick up the metadata to do stuff


Etay markman

Please share which NAL in h265 you would like to put the metadata. In h264, additional information is put in SEI in certain use-cases. Not sure what is the NAL used in h265.

the SEI NAL is also used for that purpose in 265. currently thinking about either inserting SEI NAL’s or muxing the metadata with the video into an MPEG transport stream, whichever is easier to do

how can i do each of them?

It looks possible to add SEI NALs in application layer. If you follow the H265 standard to fill in SEI NALs with the encoded h265 stream from hardware encoder, it is supposed to work.

thanks, i read the standard, now i wonder if there is an existing implementation somewhere and if anybody has done that before

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