Encoding performance of H.265 8kp60

We would like to develop real-time H.265 encoding for 7680x4320@60fps input video source on AGX Xavier GPU. We are testing 01_video_encode sample of jetson multimedia api. The following command is used.
sudo ./video_encode test_8k_nv12.yuv 7680 4320 H265 test_8k_nv12.hevc -idri 30 --insert-spspps-idr -nrf 1 -br 80000000 --max-perf -hpt 1 --sp -fps 60 1

At first, we run one encoding instance. The test result is around 36 fps. If we simultaneously run two encoding instances with the same command, each instance also can reach around 36 fps. Is this the expected result?

In order to achieve real-time 8k@60fps encoding, is there parallel processing or other setting for improving H.265 encoding?

Thanks you very much for your help.

This looks expected since there are two NVENC engines. Two instances can achieve identical performance but it cannot achieve 2x fps in single instance.

Actually per
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For AGX Xavier, the capability of video encoding is 4Kp60(4).

Hi DaneLLL,

Thank you for the information.

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