Enshrouded under XWayland in fullscreen mouse passes thorugh game window, screen flicker and mouse inputs do not get recived at all

Hello there it’s the time of the month where I test the latest driver against various use cases and report / close issues. So here we are :D

When playing Enshrouded on Wayland with nVidia 550.40.07 (but also on 545.29.06) it becomes part of the background.
Clicking inside the game in fullscreen will make the press pass through to the desktop. For example you can “right click” the game window and get the Gnome desktop context menu where you can change the wallpaper, display settings and such.

If any other applications are opened behind the game windows they are actually in front of it, but only for the mouse pointer. Means clicking on one of those windows will pass through the click to that particular application.
In addition to this the mouse pointer will lack the game cursor except if hovering above an application in the background.

On top of it it seems the pipewire desktop capture seems to have some issues with capturing the screen properly as well. You can see artifacts of the windows select still being visible even though it wasn’t for me during the recording.

In addition to this, if the game becomes inactive it will limit itself by default to 10 fps and start flickering like crazy (can be observed in the above video)

If you then managed to advance to the game and move around (window mode only) parts of the game window will randomly flash black something which does not happen in the main menu running the game in window mode.

Other games using the Vulkan API or DXVK or VKD3D do not have any of these issues but Enshrouded.
Further more none of these issues are present under X11 with this particular game.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (889.5 KB)

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Driver: 550.54.14
Proton Experimental

  • Mouse pointer still travels through the XWayland surface and is received by applications in the background or the desktop.
  • Extreme flickering is fixed

550.67 issue persists

550.78 issue still present.

  • Mutter 46.1
  • XWayland 23.2.6

Also Gnome 46.1 which had XWayland fixes for similar situations seems not to mitigate his issue.
From the mutter 46.1 release notes:

  • Fix some XWayland clients being partially click-through.