Enterprise size vs. number of people using Audio2Face

Hi! I was just wanting to further clarify this information about licensing and Audio2Face, based off this thread: Commerical use of Audio2Face

Does the 2-person free commercial license qualify if the entire team is larger than 2 people, but no more than 1-2 people will be using Audio2Face? Or does the 2 person cutoff refer to the entire team?
The project would use A2F purely for content creation (generating lip sync animation, etc) Not necessarily Cloud or any other deployment options, just content generated by the A2F software itself :)


@wtelford1 might be the right person to answer this

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Hey amybuc6,
Audio2face is in beta and currently falls under the individual license terms. I’m not sure I understand the distinction between your two questions though. Currently two users using Audio2face to create content for your entity should be allowed. If you can tell me your use case and industry I can connect you with one of our devrels to clarify the details.

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